History: Why Prussia Managed to Secure Dominance in Germany for the Period 1848-1871.

Topics: Otto von Bismarck, Austro-Prussian War, Franco-Prussian War Pages: 4 (1035 words) Published: February 13, 2013
History Class Presentation
JUNE 2001: Why, during the period 1848-1871, did Prussia achieve and secure dominance in Germany?
It is believed that Prussia achieved and secured dominance in Germany because of the role of Bismarck, who got rid of the opposition in the Parliament, strengthened the Prussian army, exploited Prussia’s economic development and won three wars to secure the unification of Germany. However, it is also argued that international scenes too, helped Prussia make a mark as the strongest nation in Europe.

Firstly, Prussia managed to secure dominance in Germany due to Bismarck’s action to get rid of the opposition in the government in order to pass the Army Bill. The Army Bill was needed to prepare for the army by increasing their size, re-equipping the army as well as to increase the years of service from 2-3 years. Bismarck got hold of the Army Bill by withdrawing it from the parliament and collected taxes to fund the army. Thus, Bismarck’s role that got rid of opposition in the government made Prussia the strongest nation in Germany.

Secondly, Prussia achieved and secured dominance in Germany by strengthening the Prussian army. He used the Army Bill to finance the army. Furthermore, he was also helped by War Minister Von Roon who ensured that Prussian army were increased in number, better trained and well armed. In addition, General Helmuth Van Moltke, Chief of the General Staff helped by becoming the brain of Prussian army, laying plans for mobilisation and military operations. Therefore, Prussia achieved and secured dominance in Germany by strengthening Prussian army.

Thirdly, Prussia’s economic exploitation by Bismarck was believed to be one of the reasons why Prussia had managed to achieve and secure dominance in 1848-1871. Bismarck had managed to manipulate the already-existing custom union known as Zollverein that encouraged free trade within the nation where international tariffs was abolished. Currencies, systems...
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