History: Thomas Jefferson and Chapter

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, William Lloyd Garrison, Lewis and Clark Expedition Pages: 7 (1890 words) Published: April 3, 2012
Kathryn Drake
History 133-008
11:00 – 11:50
16 November 2011

Chapter 1
The Native Americans
October 11, 1492

1. Why do we say that Columbus discovered America when there were already one hundred million people here? Even though the Indians lived hear first the Europeans did not know about them. The Europeans then started to move and discovering the “new world”, finding things that had never been seen before. It was like Columbus discovered a whole new world even though it was already there with people.

2. Describe the religious customs of the Mayas, Aztecs, Timuquans, Natchez, and Spaniards as noted in the essay. In what ways were the various customs similar? In what ways were they different? Mayas and Aztecs were polytheistic and believed in sacrifices. The Timuquans and Natchez worshiped the sun. All the tribes got married to the person the family picked for them.

The article was the Native Americans and how they were here before Columbus “discovered” the new world. I didn’t know till reading the article that Columbus’s flagship sank on Christmas day, I think that kind of cool.

Chapter 2
The English Background
A Puritan Death: John and Thomasine Winthrop

1. The Puritans believe in salvation through Christ’s grace. How did they attempt to bring themselves closer to Christ’s? They had religious services at home and in the church. They sang psalms and gave everything they could to god. They would give but anything the interfered with their relationship with God. Winthrop walked about preaching the word.

2. What kinds of thought and behavior did puritans discourage? Give specific examples and explain the reasoning behind each. Winthrop’s would play cards with his servants but the realized playing cards were not “proper pastime in a Christian household”. They did not do work on Sundays to cherish the Sabbath.

This chapter talks about Winthrop and his life as a Puritan. One thing the interested me was the ringing of the bell in the community when someone was sick. This chapter was kind of confusing to me then I had thought it to be. Also in todays Christianity if someone has lost someone your overview is that god has a plan. In the chapter Winthrop states that, the lose of his wife’s was punishment from God.

Chapter 3
The British American
William Byrd in Two Worlds

1. How did William Byrd’s life in Virginia reflect British influences? How did it reflect American characteristics? (Mention pertinent customs, interests, institutions, and objects.)
 William Byrd, even though living in Virginia, still “observed the king’s birthday in the American wilderness as for any British subject in London [did]”. He read plays to his hostess, which they enjoyed. He modeled his house after a country estate of one of his friends.

2. In view of William Byrd’s great wealth and influence in Virginia, why didn’t he simply stay in America? Byrd’s was attached to the cultural advantages of London. He said, “Simplicity, innocence and nature were abundant in the New World”, but he loved the “ crowded theaters, busy streets, and noisy masquerades.

The British American Chapter was very interesting to me. I liked learning about one thing and realizing it ties in with something else in history. For instance Byrd fought in Bacons Rebellion. The article told a lot about Byrd and his life, his first marriage, his planation, trip to England where he found his second wife. Chapter 4

Reform in Colonial America
John Woolman on Goodness and Greed

1. What were the principal beliefs of the early Quakers, and why were they persecuted? It was wrong to inhabit someone because they are a person just like everyone else. The Quakers wouldn’t by tithes to the Anglican Church because of this they were thrown in jail.

2. What were the customs and practices in the colonies that John Woolman particularly condemned? What did these behaviors have in common? Unlike most of the people that lived...
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