History - Teenager Life in Nazi Germany

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Education, Nazism Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: May 10, 2013
History Essay - Tom Hromin Sturm - XV. Gimnazija, I.B. School Teenager Life in the Nazi Regime ( 1933-1939 ) vs Teenager Life Today ! Regarding the life of teenagers in the nazi regime, it is most definitely a life that a person does not want to live. Hitler having gained power had had to control the minds and bodies of teenagers because the last thing he needed was an uprising of people who understood what was going on. Grown ups can only be mislead, but children can be taught to think and act differently, in this case according to Hitlerʼs needs, wants and demands. Such minds need to be cleared of standard thinking and the need to listen to, protect and serve Hitler needs to be implanted in them. How a life of a standard teen living in Nazi Germany at the time looked like was quite horrific by todayʼs standards. They had special schools in which only the best and strongest of the children could get into. Being in these Nazi schools was quite the privilege and not being in them was a public disgrace. In these schools they taught the children to blindly follow Hitler. They taught them battle tactics, fighting, they had plentiful physical training and because of this a great army could have of been formed and not many people could have of questioned Hitlerʼs commands because they have been mislead throughout their education. Some people say that babies were first taught to say Heil Hitler and then mama and papa. From this we can clearly see that this regime was purely created for mass control in a very subtile way. These thoughts and ideas of Great Nazi Germany and Hitler as their supreme leader were placed in their minds without them being completely aware of it in the first place. Such a life is similar as to living under someoneʼs mind control. The teenagers were soldiers, they were all followers and Hitler as it was, was on top of the pyramid. The boys and the girls training and education highly differed. Girls were taught to be housewives, to serve their husbands...
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