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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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History of fishing in Taiji
(The town of secrets)

Residents of Taiji have been whaling since the early 17th century, and were known for the center for whaling since 1675. Dolphins where killed in many different ways, but the main thing is that each year more and more dolphins are killed.

In order for these men to slaughter or sell these beautiful animals they first have to capture them, this in done by a method called the drive. When a pod of dolphins has been spotted, fishing boats move close to the pod and they stick one end of a long steel pipe into the water around them, and the fishermen on the boats strike them with mallets. The dolphins are very sensitive to this sound and do not like it, so they swim closer and closer away from it which is towards the land, which then the fisherman put up big nets and trap the dolphins into ‘the Cove’ some people call that a dolphins worst nightmare. The walls are stained red from dolphin blood that would have been killed last. They stay there over night and then the next morning they are either sold to millionaires or slaughtered for human consumption (mainly Japan). The authorities in Taiji like us to believe that this form of hunting (the drive) is ancient, but that simply is not true. The drive was developed in the 1970s. It is not even as old as most of the men who practice it.
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