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Topics: Cuba, Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista Pages: 4 (1010 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Gingerland Secondary School (School Code: 130005)

CXC Caribbean History School Based Assessment (SBA) Project 2012-2013 (35 marks)

Caribbean History SBA Research Question:

What evidence is there to show that United States-Cuban relations negatively affected Cuba’s political, economic and social development from 1898 to 1965?

Format of the History SBA Project

1. Table of Contents (This is the last thing you must do for your SBA project, therefore your pages must be correctly numbered.)

2. Rationale (Here, you will have to explain what is the aim or what are the reasons your History SBA research investigation and project).

3. Introduction (You will have to employ the following in this section of your project. Moreover, your introduction should not exceed 300 words, so as to allow for an appropriately sound discussion in the body of your SBA project.)

• State details relevant to Cuba’s geography (i.e. its location; capital city, the Sierra Maestra Mountains; the proximity (distance) between Cuba and the United States mainland and the Guantanamo Bay naval base and the Moncada barracks.) You may provide a relevant map of Cuba to indicate the key details.

• Present a brief background about Cuba as a nation, that is, a very brief history of its political progression, (from colonialism to independence to communism), its economic undertakings and its sociocultural identity (e.g. demographics (population make-up); national customs (i.e. language, religion, music and dance, etc. and general predispositions (attitudes) of native Cubans.)

• Briefly outline the main United States policies which afforded the United States to have close relations with Cuba; i.e. (a) Manifest Destiny, 1801 (by President Thomas Jefferson); (b) Monroe Doctrine; 1823, and (c) The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, 1904 and briefly mention other US policies that gave the United States the “right” to intervene in and...
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