History Revision Notes Igcse League of Nations

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  • Published: May 19, 2013
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Mr. Hinds Brief Revision Booklet:
How Successful was the League of Nations?

1 What were the main aims of the League of Nations when it was set up in 1920?

* To maintain peace.
* To discourage aggression from any nation.
* To encourage countries to co-operate, especially in trade. * To encourage nations to disarm.
* To improve living and working conditions in all parts of the world. * To encourage international co-operation.
* To encourage collective security.

2 What part did (i) the Council and (ii) the Permanent Court of Justice play in the organisation of the League of Nations?

* The Council was set up to deal with any dispute which arose between members by discussion before matters got out of hand. The Council had a range of powers including moral condemnation, economic and financial sanctions and military force. It met around five times a year and in cases of emergency. * The Permanent Court of Justice was a key part of the League’s role of settling disputes peacefully. It gave decisions on border disputes, and legal advice to the Assembly or Council. It did not have the power to enforce its rulings.

3. Describe the work of the Agencies of the League of Nations.

* The Mandates Commission made sure that Britain and France acted in the interests of the people of that territory, not their own interests. * The Refugees Committee helped to return refugees to their original homes after the end of the war. * The Slavery Commission worked to abolish slavery around the world. * The Health Committee attempted to deal with the problem of dangerous diseases and to educate people about health and sanitation. * The ILO met once a year. Its aim was to improve working conditions throughout the world trying to get member countries to adopt its suggestions.

4. How did the League of Nations hope to prevent future wars between nations? . What methods were available to the League of Nations to settle disputes...
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