History Research- Andrew Jackson

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  • Published: April 2, 2012
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Andrew Jackson – Democracy President and Indian Removal Act (1830)

Le Hong Quan

US History I
Instructor: Hoang ThachQuan
17 November 2011

Andrew Jackson (1767 –1845) was the seventh President of the United States (1829–1837) and he was one of the most popular and controversial U.S. presidents in American history. Andrew Jackson's election to the presidency in 1828 created a new era with political and economic opportunities for the "common man." He also became the father of the Democratic Party and achieved fame as protector of the common man. I think we couldn't deny that Jackson was still a human being; he couldn’t be perfect in every single thing. It's the reason to explain for what he did during his life, Jackson was considered as a hero, and also was he thought to be a villain in the eyes of many people. Although the fact that he raised the era of “Jacksonia Democracy” and he was appreciated as the representative of the entire generation’s ideology, he was the one who separated classes and discriminated brutally those not seen as true Americans. The relevant examples were the events in 1800s, notably Indian Removal Act. It raised a question whether Andrew Jackson was a democratic president. I think he had a good democratic ideology for the United States but his action as well as his wrong decision opposed his thought. Besides, Mr. Meacham (an author of American Lion Book) recognized “the tragedy of Jackson’s life is that a man dedicated to freedom failed to see liberty as a universal, not a particular, gift.” The role of Andrew Jackson’s presidency in affirming the new democratic politics Andrew Jackson grew up with a harsh childhood that he did not have parents and his literacy was sporadic. In his young life, he worked as a lawyer in Tennessee and a soldier when war occurred between the United States and Britain. Jackson became a famous military hero from his glorious victory in the war of 1812, especially from...
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