History Questions

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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For what three reasons did migrants move west in the late 1800’s? (Three points)

What was meant by “Rum, Romanism and Rebellion”? Why did this comment backfire on Republicans? (Three Points)

What happened in Haymarket Square on May 1, 1886? What happened on May 4? Who was convicted in the trial? What did Governor Altgeld do in 1893? (Four points)

What was the Homestead Lockout? What did Alexander Berkman do? What did Carnegie do? (Three points)

Why did Pullman workers go on strike in 1895? What happened when Railroad workers went on a sympathy strike? What did President Cleveland do? How were the careers of Eugene Debs and Clarence Darrow affected? (Five points)

What problems did farmers face? (Three points)

Why did populists advocate free coinage of silver? ((Bimetallism) One point)

To what two groups was William Jennings Bryan appealing in his “Cross of Gold” speech? (Two Points)

Why was Bryan the first modern Democratic Presidential candidate? (One point)

Why was Bryan the first modern presidential candidate? (One Point)

What labor reform laws were originated with the Socialists? (Three points)

What was the title of Alfred Thayer Mahon’s book? What two things did he say? (Three points)

For what reasons did the American imperialists want war with Spain? (Five points)

What three groups of men served in the Rough Riders? (Three points)

Who were the anti-imperialists, and why did they oppose US acquisition of the Philippines? (sixteen points)

Why was the relationship beneficial to both countries? (Four points)

What did President T Roosevelt say in the Roosevelt Corollary? (one point)

How did TR handle the Venezuela/German Crisis? (Two points)

What was the “Open Door” policy and “Gunboat diplomacy”? (Two points)

What did TR do about the trusts (monopolies), labor and conservation? (Three points)

Why was the Progressive era not a good time for minorities?...
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