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  • Published : November 2, 2011
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Outline 1
1. Early encounters between American Indians and European colonists led to a variety of relationships among the different cultures. Analyze how actions taken by BOTH American Indians and European colonists shaped those relationships in each of the following regions. Confine your answer to the 1600’s. * New England

* English settlers sought to remove or exterminate the Amerindians. * Chesapeake
* John Smith( one of leaders of Jamestown ) established tenuous relations with Powhatans (Helped with food but as more settlers came it became bad “wars” ) * Anglo-Powhatan Wars, Bacon’s rebellion( people of western Virginia that were poor weren’t protected by the Indians) * Spanish Southwest

* The Spanish sought to Christianize the Indians and also use them for forced labor. * Spanish tried to convert and exploit the Pueblo Indians in Southwest. * Encomienda system, missionary system

* In Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1680 Pope’s Rebellion
* The Pueblo Indians drove out the Spanish for almost ten years after being forced to Catholicism. ( when they came back, the compromise was that they would be half Catholic and the other half would be their religious belief) * Albuquerque was established and had more toleration

* New York
* The Iroquois League prevented the French from spreading south into NY and parts of the Ohio Valley. * New France (Canada)
* They were the most interested to trade and were the most successful in creating an effective trading relationship with the Indians. * They brought stuff from Europe that the natives wanted such as: beads, pots, pans, alcohol, and weapons. * They were known as the “gift givers”.

* Coureurs de bois traveled to trade fur with the natives and had good trading relationship with the natives. * The voyageurs were simply traders that befriended and recruited Indians into the fur trade. * The French were interested in spreading Christianity and the Jesuits...
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