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On April 15, 1707, in Basel, Switzerland, Paul Euler and Margaret Brucker gave birth to a son and named him Leonhard. When Leonhard was one year old he and his family moved to Riehen. It was in Riehen where Leonhard was brought up. Leonhard's father had some mathematical training from the University of Basel where he had studied theology. Paul was able to teach Leonhard elementary math and other subjects. Leonhard was later sent to live with his grandma on his mother's side in Basel. There he went to a school that was poor and Leonhard learned no math at all. Leonhard's interest in math grew because of his father's earlier teachings. Leonhard read math texts on his own and took private lessons. Paul wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a minister, so Paul sent Leonhard to the University of Basel to prepare for the ministry. He entered the University of Basel in 1720, when he was 14 years old.

In 1723 he completed his Master's degree in philosophy. He began studying theology in 1723, doing what his dad wanted him to do, but he could not find interest in studying theology. He finished his studies at the University of Basel in 1726. Leonhard had studied many math works during his time at the university. In 1726, Leonhard had written a short article on isochronous curves. In 1727, he published another article on reciprocal trajectories and submitted an entry for the 1727, grand prize. Leonhard came in second. He had to find himself an academic appointment; he was offered a job which would involve him teaching applications and mechanics to physiology in St. Petersburg. He accepted it, but in November 1726, he said that he didn't want to travel to Russia until the next year. He did not want to go for two reasons, they were that he wanted time to study the topics that he was going to teach and he also had a chance of a job at the University of Basel because the physics professor there had died.

Leonhard left Basel on April 5, 1727, he went down the...
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