History of Zero

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Undoubtedly the complete credit goes to INDIA for the invention of ZERO and its effects use as a number. In the beginning it was shown in the form of DOT or sometimes by a circle. It was known by the name “SHUNYA” meaning nothing in Sanskrit. Historians believed that it came into existence from 458 A.D.

Most of the number and problems were written in verses form (Known as SLOKA in Sanskrit) or in the basis of natural things. 

For Ex: Moon and Earth represents the Number 1, Eyes represents the Number 2, Indians were the First to introduce Base 10 system for the calculations.

The opinion of historians says that the invention and application of Zero made effectively in and application of Zero made effectively in India because of the non availability of counting instruments ‘abacus’ which was popular during that period in different countries. The dependency to write the number for commercial purpose many be the main reason for its invention in India. The great mathematician of IndiaBrahmagupta (Born in Multan and lived during 598-660 A.D) wrote on nature of Zero in his book “Bramhagupta Siddhanth” 1) A + 0 = A

2) A – 0 = A
3) A × 0 = 0
4) A / 0 = 0
His first 3 formulas were correct but he failed to express the product of 4th one. He told it as Zero instead of Infinity. Later it was solved by another famous Indian mathematician Bhaskar (1114 A.D – 1185A.D) who born at Bijapur in Karnataka. It was mentioned in his famous book “Leelavathi” Invention of Zero inspired by the Indians to invent the negative numbers and later algebra also developed. All this shows the tremendous development of Maths and astronomy during 6th century to 10th century. Spreading to China, Arabia and Europe:

The rich knowledge of mathematics and Astronomy of India spread to China and Arabian Countries. During 8th century the king of Baghdad Kholof-al-mansoor sent his people to Sindh (Now in Pakistan) for study of Mathematics, Astronomy and Medicine. Along with the education they...
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