History of Women in the Military

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  • Published : January 17, 2014
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The History of Women’s Roles in the United States Military
ITT Technical Institute

Women’s contributions in the United States military began with tasks, such as providing medical aid to soldiers during the Revolutionary War to serving right beside their male counterparts in Afghanistan 238 years later. The woman’s role over this period of time has made significant progress towards being men and women being a true, but still to this current day, women are not allowed entry into front-line combat units.

THE HISTORY OF WOMEN’S ROLE’S 3 Since the implementation of the United States military in 1775, women have played an important role in support of the Armed Forces. In the early years, women performed what many would call simple tasks, such as providing medical aide, preparing meals, and even sewing and washing uniforms. As times changed, we now find women serving on the front lines in many different job specialties in support of the warfighter. In the Revolutionary War, the most common support from women was cooking, cleaning, and medical aide, but there were a small number of women who acted as spies did which alerted our military commands to the positions of the enemy (Early History of Women in the U.S. Army). Since the technologies of today did not yet exist, having this sort of intelligence played a critical part of our success in winning this war. There was even one woman, Ann Simpson Davis, who was hand selected by General George Washington to carry messages while on horseback to other leaders on the battlefield. She would hide these messages in bags filled with grain. She was never caught while performing these tasks. For her endeavors, she was later...
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