History of Western Civilization

Topics: Roman Empire, Augustus, Julius Caesar Pages: 3 (1216 words) Published: May 14, 2008
The History of Western Civilization has proven to be one of the most imperative demonstrations of leadership, power, women, morality and immorality discussed in the many primary sources read throughout this semester. However, in this particular piece, we will look into depth and analyze how “Power” played such an important role in the ancient world. To help accurately discuss the textual analysis, quotes will be used from the text, Sources for the History of Western Civilization, edited by Michael Burger. The quotes extracted from the sources will be utilized as evidence help better explain how power was both acquired and lost, as well as comparing how the ideals of the philosophers and realities of the every-day varied. Our efforts will also attempt to construe the most important sources of power that had developed of that time. As an illustration, a concise look into the source, The Deeds of the Divine Augustus, will give us first glance at the magnitude of power that Roman monarchs such as Augustus held between 31 BC and AD 14. According to the prologue, Augustus’ power had begun soon after an important encounter where he had triumphed to victory over Marc Antony and Cleopatra in 31 BC during the battle of Actium. Its significance was proven to be strong because it had led to the fall of the Roman Republic and allowed the establishment of the Roman Empire. The Roman would soon become an important figure for performing such a feat and be awarded to hold a seat in the consul and gain dominant power. “I have triumphed twice in the ovation, and three times in the Curule triumph, and I have been saluted as imperator 21 times. After that, when the Senate decreed many more triumphs for me, I declined them,” Said Augustus. Among the power which he had already had, the government still had showered him with even more titles. This could have been a sign that they too were intimidated of what could come of the Roman. “I did not accept the dictatorship, which was...
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