History of Video Games

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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Video games have progressed immensely in price and technology over the past thirty years making them more popular then ever. Video games were originally for arcades, then came the first home console. The graphics have changed a lot since the first console game. Games colors were originally just black and white now they have more colors then you can think of. Not all businesses made it through competition of other businesses.

In the seventies video games were fairly new. Some companies were successful. One of those companies was Colecovision Telstar. The first game systems were not powered like today’s game systems are. In the seventies they were powered by batteries but today’s video games get their power from electrical outlets. The games were silent. The only noises were the computer making sounds. It was only beeps. The Odyssey, which was the first game system only worked on a certain televisions. The Atari Pong’s engineer thought it would be good to bring arcade games home so that you could play them on your own televisions instead of going to and arcade and spending money on it to play. The Odyssey 100 was the first game console to be powered by battery or an AC adapter. Meaning instead of using batteries you could plug the system into an electrical outlet for power. The Odyssey 200 was the first game console to have more then one game in it. The Wonder Wizard 7702 had the circuit board of they Odyssey 300. In 1976 Colecovision Telstar first game system was released and had three different games and three difficulties. This console was partially assembled. When you got it home you had to put knobs on and stickers on. The Fairchild Channel F was the first programmable video game console, it also had cartridges you could plug in. Which meant you had more games then the ones that were programmed in the console. The Atari Stunt Cycle let you play as a motorcycle rider. You did not play in the first-person mode but during that time felt realistic. The Atari...
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