History of the Philippine Islands by Morga

Topics: Philippines, Spanish people, Spain Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: March 2, 2009
Jonathan Kenneth C. Jardin

After reading the History of the Philippine Islands written by Morga and listening to the reports of the different groups, I have learned something that was not teach during my high school and elementary days. In the book, there were several conflicting ideas that Morga had about the history of the Philippines with what really happened in the Philippines. An example of this was in the case of how Magellan died of a disease and was attacked by the natives, which wasnt really true since the natives were only defending their territory which was a basic human instinct. Here we can see how the Spaniards think in their own perspective they were the ones helping us but in our perspective they are just using us and also destroying our progress which was stated by Rizal's annotations like what the Spaniard believe that before they came there was darkness but Rizal pointed it out in another perspective that when the Spaniard came there was darkness. Now, although the book was more geared towards Spanish perspective Morga was still able to providepositive information about the islands' early inhabitants, and reliable accounts of pre-Christian religion and social customs. However, some inconcsistencies with how Spaniards think was pointed out by Rizal such as the example of Borneo. Borneo which was conquered by Spain was not declared a territory of the Philippines , if the Spaniards had the logic of what conquered is theirs then the question remains why Borneo is not a part of the Philippines. Also the book stated on how some natives in the Philippines betrayed their own kind by siding with the Spaniards but in reality it can be said that the natives that they were called to be inferior to them were in fact using the Spaniards which was quite ironic. Also Rizal pointed out on how Spaniard's reasoning with what Morga's history book discussed was quite stupid in a way, example of this was an annotation by Rizal about the Chinese...
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