History of the English Language

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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** Dialect - A variety of a language (specifically, often a spoken variety) that is characteristic of a particular area, community or group, often with relatively minor differences in vocabulary, style, spelling and pronunciation. A language is a dialect with an army and a navy.

** Hymn - A song of praise or worship.

** Venison - The meat of a deer.

** Saviour - A person who rescues another from harm.

** Trinity - A group or set of three people or things

** Sauna - A room or a house designed for heat sessions.

Today, our presentation is about the “History of the English Language”.

The presentation consists of the following topics –
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The first major topic is the ROMAN INVASIONS in Britain. In 55 B.C. the great Roman Emperor Julius Caesar invaded Britain. From that period to 43 A.D. many Roman invaders attacked Britain. Then Emperor Claudius attacked Britain and conquered it. After this, Romans ruled Britain nearly for 400 years.

During the Roman rule, many things changed in Britain. The native Celtic traditions were over-thrown. The Romans divided the mainland into many territories and founded many cities. They named them like Lancaster, Manchester, Winchester, London, etc. They built walls, baths. Roads, theatres (like amphitheatre). The Romans inter-married with the Celts. In this period Latin became the most prestigious language in Britain. Education got carried on in Latin. It also became the language of everyday social life.

In the early 5th century, the romans in Britain were regularly attacked by some Germanic tribes. Due to these overwhelming attacks, in 410 A.D. roman emperor Honorius pulled back all roman troops back to rome. As a result the Celts got defenceless and the tribes were too alone to prevent any future invasion. Meanwhile celtic languages became the native language of the British.

Now comes the Germanic tribes. In 450 A.D. many Germanic tribes from various parts of the mainland Germany attacked...
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