History of the Black Church

Topics: Mind, Perception, Psychology Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Patrick Brown
Danya McMutery
ENG 121-12
Sept 26. 2012
The Blooming Guru Tonight I have awakened ; the world is now my prevailing challenge. My minds potential is abundant and preparing for the ambience. I have fused with society and im the defibrillator of its restlessness. The margin of error i've once had has been lynched in arrongance. My concience is poised like a blood thristy lion awaiting an assasssination. I anticipate the incompentence of my adversarys, and i have inherented a gift that is accessable upon desire. My demenor has been demorlized from mislead complications. I deprive civilvation of their wise conceptions, and I can interpert any suggestion or theory. The significance of my uprising is essential to humanity. My universal persience would influentially brainwash anyone whom roam in my sight. The thoughts I accumlate are far past my intellgence , but curosity leads me to grasp a more efficient understanding. I feel that im incapable of reiterating greatness ive exibited, but nevertheless I surpass it with desolated ideas. My thoughts make me feel as if im not alone. My mind dwells on a force greatern than anything ive ever encountered. My perception of the world is outlandish, and every dissapointing sequence leads to an extravangant comeback. My senses are bizzare. I can touch with sight, and hear with the nerves of my skin.i feel lie an animal physically, and mentally a desiged God. I can interpert speech before it is thrusted from ones lips. Im am an artist ; ive painted a picture of the life I wanted and leaped into it. My mind is I, and my body is just a puppet controlled by the several elastic viens bennith my skin. I feel as if ive swallowed the lafe I once had , and regergitated a seed in which my new life sprouted from. I though im free I love to feel locked down; I find piecies to the key as I complete goals striding for success. Resistance is growing from struggle so hard times and...
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