History of Terorism

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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The History of Terrorism

The History of Terrorism
A ships commander stands on the deck of his ship and peers through his telescope upon the horizon. The view is limited to what he is able to perceive and interpret through the lens of the telescope. The narrow view enables the commander to only make decisions based on the limitations of the perceived views. Throughout the history of mankind there have been violent acts committed against men of different religions, races and cultures. One group believes they are being persecuted while the other group believes they have pleased their leaders and rejoice. It is difficult at times to determine what the reasons are behind horrific violent acts. By outward appearances it seems that the United States is a relative newcomer to the witnessing of violent acts of terrorism against mankind. In reality terrorism has been a part of mankind for hundreds of years. Terrorism seeks to bring attention to the plight of specific groups around the world, it inflicts fear, and has the potential to cause catastrophic damage physically, financially, as well as loss of human lives, and governments of many countries including the United States are actively working continuously to prevent future attacks.

Terrorism is defined as an intentional act of violence committed by an individual or a group of individuals with the intent to instill fear and intimidation to another individual or government ("Terrorism research"). Terrorist acts are typically seen as religious in nature and meant to bring attention to a wider scope of people in order to portray the perceived slights of one group by another. For example: The Crusades during the early centuries of what is now known as Modern Catholicism were religious forays into the Middle Eastern Countries with the sole purpose of converting Islamic-Muslims into Christians. Armies were sent to recover the holy land back for the Christians. Earlier times saw Jewish Zealots known also as Dagger-men who fought against the tyranny of Rome. The Zealots were eventually besieged and forced to commit suicide at a fortification known as “Masada”, today’s Israeli Army Israeli soldiers take an oath there: "Masada shall not fall again" (American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, 2011). While ultimately the Zealots were considered to have failed in their attempts against the Roman government, it should be noted that the psychological impacts are still remembered today. More recently in the founding of the United States students are taught about the bravery of the founding fathers, of how the soon to be first President of the United States would kneel on bended knee and pray for this new nation, the sacrifices made by the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the struggles of the soldiers of Valley Forge during the bitter cold winter months. What is not commonly taught are the terrorist acts committed by the individuals fighting for belief that America was suffering under a tyrannical king in England and who sought freedom from such tyranny. Of interest in the history of Marion County, Florida is the man the county is named for, Francis Marion. He was born and resided in South Carolina. Experienced in combat during the French-Indian wars he would earn the nickname from the British Army of “The Swamp Fox,” due to his ability to employ tactics he had learned from the Indians. He was able to hide in the brush with his militia and surprise numerous British troops instilling fear and intimidation among them. His tactics were used later in military history and are the first recorded guerrilla tactics used in America during wartime. It changed how wars were fought in the years to come as evidenced during the War For Southern Independence more commonly known as “The Civil War” of the 1860’s. While Americans looked upon his tactics with pride and felt the new stirrings of nationalism, the British Armies became cautious, fearful and felt the effects...
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