History of St.Joseph

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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History Of St. Joseph Academy Of Valenzuela
#1 San Felipe St. Karuhatan, Valenzuela City
In Everythingthere is a beginning and a time for every purpose under the heaven SJAV was founded at the right time and place with heavenly purpose. Sometime in a year of our Lord in nineteen hundred eighty six, a hardworking businessman met a very tragic experience that almost cost his life; without the timely assistance of what percieved as “Little Angels”. It all started with an unforgettable robbery on june 12, 1986 around 10:00 in the evening at the grocery store Karuhatan Market owned by a generous man named Damaso D. Lopez in which he suffered from a two gun shots wounds in his body and was brought to the hospital. On the way to the hospital he knew that it was just a time for him to take a litle rest after all those untiring work to earn a living. Physicians and surgeons did their very best and done seven operations to save the life of hepless man, and was clinically dead for several seconds on his last operations. But soon he was awakened by the images of the young children wearing white clothes that made him decide and promised to put up a school as soon as he recovered because he believed that it was the sign of his mission here on earth. On that moment of his helplessness, he was with his brother reading the bible from the book of John 12:47 “ I came to save the world and not to condemn.” As he spent more days in the hospital, he noticed another miracle wherein three out of six dried roses in a vase where suddenly starting to bloom and turned into fresh rose while the others remained dry. Similarly the almost dried gladiola flowers from Baguio City which was offered to the grotto of Mt. Carmel, when brought to the hospital bloomed on the very same day of his recovery. Mr. Lopez was in a state of temporary amnesia, when his 6-yr old Daughter Nina visited him at the hospital wearing her school uniform. This prompted him to inquire where she was studying. The child...
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