History of Softball

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The History of Softball
By: Nicki Myers

The history of softball all starts in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day 1887. A group of about twenty guys gathered in a gymnasium to hear the score of the Harvard vs. Yale football game. After the guys heard that Yale had won the game one of them picked up an old boxing glove and threw it at someone who hit it with a pole. One of the guys in the room was George Hancock, (later to be known as the inventor of softball), shouted, “Let’s play ball!” You might think they would try to play with some kind of larger baseball right; well George took a old boxing glove off the floor and tied it up with string then used that as a softball. The same goes for a bat they used a piece of a broken broomstick. Well he thought what’s softball without a chalked diamond lines on the floor, so he made them but in a smaller version. That’s how softball started. While Chicago was no doubt the city were softball was created, Minneapolis was the city that actually modified the game. The first women’s softball team was formed in 1895 at Chicago’s very own west division high school. The team did not have a coach for competitive play until 1899. The Spalding Indoor Baseball Guide 1904 issue fueled the progress of sport by devoting a large portion of the guide to women’s softball. In 1933 the Chicago National Tournament also advanced the sport of softball. At this competition, male and female champions were equally recognized. In 1965 the International Softball World Championships developed women’s softball by making softball an international sport. Eleven years later women’s softball players were given the closest amount to Major League Baseball, with the 1976 formation of the International Women’s Professional softball League, (WPSL).Now a days the league is also called the (NPF) National Pro Fastpitch. The players made about $1,000 to about $3,000 but since the league...
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