History of Softball

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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History of softball
General purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: to inform my audience how softball was introduced, the inventor, and the softball leagues that were formed. Thesis: when we consider the history of softball, it’s easy to see how the game developed as a younger sibling of baseball. What might not be quite so obvious is how three other sports helped shape softball. I.Introduction: Would you ever think a boating house, a boxing glove, and a football game could invent such an amazing game like softball. II.Relevance: people tend to think that softball was developed from baseball which is not true. III.Credibility: however I’ve played softball and learned so much and with further research softball was developed by three other sports. IV.Preview: Today I will explain how softball was introduced, the inventor, and the leagues that were formed. (Transition) First I’ll start by talking about how softball was introduced.

I.The history of softball dates back to thanksgiving day 1887 1.Inside the Farragut boat club in Chicago, IL(VA)
2.A bunch of Yale and Harvard alumni anxiously awaited the results of a Harvard-Yale football game (SC) (Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA). i.Yale supporter picked up an old boxing glove and threw it at nearby Harvard alumni, who tried to hit it back with a broom handle.(VA) (Transition) Second I would like to introduce the inventor of softball. II.George Hancock(VA)

1.Was a reporter for Chicago board of trade
i. He suggested a game of indoor baseball. Naturally, Hancock's friends thought he was talking about playing a game outdoors, not indoors. ii.Using what was available, he tied together the laces of the boxing glove for a ball. Using a piece of chalk, Hancock marked off a home plate, bases and a pitcher's box inside the Farragut Boat Club gym, with the two groups divided into teams(Invention of Softball).(VA)(SC) iii.Hancock's invention eventually caught on in Chicago with the...
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