History Of Soccer

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  • Published : November 30, 2014
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Tyler Prosser History of Soccer

Soccer or football is one of the most popular and well-known games all over the world. However, few people are aware of the history of soccer being played in different historical periods and taking different forms in various countries. Although people living on different continents and throughout different historic periods used various materials for balls, the rules were nearly the same everywhere, as people simply kicked the ball either for fun or for frolic, and soccer was mostly the form of entertainment for people in the early history. Soccer was called different names many centuries ago, for example this game was called ‘Harpastum’ in the Roman Empire, “Episkyros” in Greece, and so on. Many historians associated early history of soccer with China where people played the so-called 'tsu chu' in second and third centuries BC. Luxbacher (1992) stated that this game involved “kicking a stuffed ball made of animal skin usually played during festivals or holiday celebrations and was also used for the more serious purpose of training soldiers”. The game was developed by the emperor Huang-Ti. These games played by people in the ancient world had some similarities with football being closer to the modern-day game. The introduction of Tsu-Chu in China gave rise to the appearance of similar games where people had to use their feet to play this game successfully and correctly in other countries. In fact, people started playing soccer in China during the Ts'in and Han Dynasties playing the ball between two poles in the field and trying to kick it in the needed direction. During the medieval times, people used animal bladder balls for this game following the same rules and directions, and sometime later, these balls were covered with leather for a better shape and longer usage. Thus, “the elements of present-day football are deeply rooted in antiquity”. Different cultures and...
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