History of Soccer

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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History Of Soccer

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A Brief History Of Soccer

The history of soccer reveals that this contemporary game is nearly three thousand years old. Soccer has been played all over the world and there are many older games that hold similarities to the modern understanding of soccer. The roots of soccer are a bit ambiguous, but what is known of the sport suggests that it is a very old game that has evolved over the passage of time. Some historians suggest that the game of soccer is rooted in Japan circa 1004 BCE. At that time there were games played with people who would kick and chase a ball around a large field. There is also evidence asserting that a game very much like soccer was played in China during the second and third centuries CE. During the time period of the Han Dynasty, there were people that used leather balls for game play and kicked them or dribbled them on the field. In fact, there is a Chinese-based text located in the Munich Ethnological Museum that is dated to circa 50 BCE that documents a soccer-like game played between teams in China and Japan. In the game, a hair-filled leather ball was used to kick around. There is also evidence that the game of soccer was played in Kyoto Japan as early as 611 CE. Standard Chartered Card StandardChartered… Enjoy up to RM300 CashBack when you apply for a Credit Card online.

The games that the ancient Romans played hold the most resemblance to what one would identify as contemporary soccer. How soccer spread from the Asian continent to Rome remains in question to this day as there are no records that have been discovered that might explain the spread of soccer playing ideas. However, there are early references pertaining to the Olympics, when played by Grecian and Roman soccer teams, and how vigorous the game was played. Soccer soon became associated...
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