History of Sculpture

Topics: Sculpture, Statue, Ancient Egypt Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Sierra Stuart
Mrs. Spinks
Art Appreciation
1 May 2013
History of Sculpture
The history of sculpting has existed since the prehistoric age, the earliest artists used of materials such as ivory and clay. Many people think of the Egyptians or the Greeks as the original creators of sculpture. It is commonly known that the ancient Egyptians formed a number of sculptures developed for purely aesthetic reasons. The early Egyptians created monuments of Sphinxes and Pharaohs, some of which are still currently in existence. Sculpture has frequently been used in religious practices or to honor people who were highly regarded in religious or political roles. A lot of these pieces have endured and are able to be observed even today. Some of most well-known pieces of ancient sculpture have been attributed to the Greeks. Often the sculptures created were of individuals, especially those in positions of power. These pieces were normally made of marble and hand carved using metal tools or they were made from bronze. Bronze was considered to be of a higher stature than the stone sculptures, but not many pieces lasted because the bronze was frequently melted down and reused for other purposes. In the later part of the medieval era, many well-known Renaissance sculptors appeared. Neoclassicism emerged in the 18th century and was characterized by a return to simplicity and restraint, a direct distinction to the extravagant style that had been common. This style of sculpture stayed well into the 19th century. The modern sculpture of the 20th century delivered a break from the realism and traditional Greek style of making sculptures. Artists were influenced by work from many different parts of the world, including Aztec and African art. The modern sculpture movement also made use of nontraditional materials to make pieces that were not planned to last indefinitely but only to use the best materials to signify that piece of art for the time being. Modern sculptures also began...
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