History of Rock Music

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Title : History Of Rock N Roll Music

Purpose Statement: To inform audience about the history of Rock N Roll.

Thesis Statement: The evolution of ‘Rock N Roll’ is the foundation for the music today.


I.Alan Freed, the famous American disc jockey coined the term ‘ Rock N Roll’ in 1951.

II.This type of music has been in existence before 50’s and 60’s in the form of African American slave music in the 1930’s.

III.It was African American slave music sung by spiritual black people.

IV.Thesis: The evolution of ‘rock n roll’ is the foundation for the music today.

Transition: I will talk about the influences and the pioneers of rock and roll music.


I.Main point 1:Influences of rock n roll music in the 1950’s.

A.The great African American migration in 1940, was a getaway for their music to flow into greater and larger cities and their influences.

B.With the coining of the term ‘Rock n Roll’ people became hooked on it.

C.Pioneers of rock n roll were born and Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Buddy Holly introduced this genre of music to the masses.

D.A mixture of Jazz, Blues, Country and Rock n Roll were the most popular type of music during this era.

Transition:.It was the time for the British to take over from the Americans.

II.Main point 2: The Dawn of the 60’s

A.The British Invasion of Rock N Roll: Beatles took over the world by storm and bands such as Pink Floyd, Rolling stone, the who followed course.

B.The lyrics of ‘Rock N Roll’ music of this era was heavily influenced by Drugs and Sex and moral decay was raising its head in society.

C.A connection was made between the two, and ‘Rock and Roll’ was associated with all things bad.
Transition: Finally, I will go into the 70’s rock n roll which was more laid back than the 60’s

III.Main point 3:The Laid Back 70’s

A.The time of Led Zeppelin and his contemporaries.

B.A mixture of hard rock...
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