History of Psychology

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History of Psychology
Paper Assignment (Topic 1)

“Humans differ from other animals only in degree.” Being an evolutionist, Charles Darwin in this quote, meant that there is no huge difference between a human being and an animal. If humans differ from other animals only in degree, that means that humans and animals are two separate things, but the difference between them is not much from each other, only in degree, however much that would be.

Plato believed in the theory of mind-body dualism. This means that human activity is made up of two things, which are mind and body. Plato believed that only the soul, or the mind, can deal with true knowledge and the rest of the human body was meant for just senses. I think Plato would have disagreed with Charles Darwin and his quote because Plato believed in the mind-body dualism, not just the body. Plato believed in the dualism of the two parts. He also believed that only the soul, which is not the body, can know true knowledge. Animals do not have souls or minds they just have bodies, which is only used for senses, according to Plato. He considered the rest of the body only as a way to sense things in the world. This means that Plato would not agree with Darwin’s statement that humans differ from animals only in degree.

Evidences show that Plato would disagree with Darwin because Plato specifically describes what he thinks about a soul. Plato believed in the theory of Ideas, and the thing that stores it is the soul. He described the soul as a spiritual matter that had reason and desire. According to Plato, the soul was made up of rational and irrational parts, and the motivational principle of the soul was desire, which he described as the first condition of the soul. Plato also believed in pure intellect, which is the higher activity that provides intuitive knowledge and understanding. He even thought about opinions, which he thought was created by interactions with the environment,...
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