History of Pantene

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Pantene is arguably the most famous name in hair care, but just how long has Pantene been around, and what has gone into making it such a recognized authority on beautiful hair? We’ve gone back to the beginning to illuminate some of the milestones in Pantene’s rich heritage. 1947

Pantene is Born
Inspired by the ingredient panthenol, Pantene, owned by Swiss drug company Hoffman-LaRoche, makes its debut as a premium hair care line across Europe, replete with glass bottles and prestige scents. 1960s

The Leap to America
Demand from European travelers in the United States drives American retailers to import Pantene from Switzerland. The shopping in New York City gets even better when Pantene launches exclusively in upscale establishments like the Waldorf Astoria and Saks Fifth Avenue. 1975-1976

The Gold Cap
Pantene changed to new packaging with its iconic gold cap. 35 years later, women still remember gold-capped Pantene. 1983
Let’s Get Serious
In the early ‘80s, Pantene expands its product lineup while elevating Pantene’s scientific expertise and health as the foundation for beautiful hair with the new Pantene tagline “The Care and Feeling of Beautiful Hair.” 1986

Pop Culture Phenomenon
Pantene’s “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” campaign becomes one of the most famous and memorable campaigns and taglines in hair care advertising history. And with its acquisition of Pantene in 1985, Procter and Gamble expands Pantene’s distribution on a massive scale, making the hair care technology of Pantene accessible to women everywhere. Early 1990s

Around the World
Pantene makes its way across the globe, launching in Australia, New Zealand, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, Korea and Japan. A staggering array of hair care and hairstyling product offerings and a stronger focus on hair health make the Pantene Pro-V tagline “Hair so healthy it shines” recognizable all over the world. 1995

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