History of Oil Painting

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  • Published : April 3, 2007
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The evolution of and development of painting [techniques] leading to oil painting Gradually and eventually, and rather unsurprisingly, when considering it in light of the ever-evolving nature of society, the known techniques of painting began to experience a shift in trends and practices as result of the whole scale advancement and development of man. As man continued to evolve, refining and improving the respective skills known to him in various fields, painting too, began to undergo a significant degree of change. While the tools changed from charcoal, stones and crudely fashioned chisels to actual colors attained via various processes; the manner of implementation, too, changed, bringing humans to experiment with painting on wood, canvas and paper, rather than the bare walls of caves and mountains as had been done in the past. During what is considered the recorded history of what is widely acknowledged as the era of the ‘modern man', however, painting, according to historical records, appears to have been adhered to with the use of egg tempera. Contemplate, for instance, the fact that artists were painting with egg tempera long before the realization of the significance of oil paints (PaintersStudio.com, 2004). Egg tempera, which is still used by a practically niche segment of artists, entails ‘the process of preparing the egg yolk for use as a painting binder, something that has been written about in historical texts' (Larmann, 1995). Gradually, however, as artists began to give in to the inevitable inclination (s) of experimenting with their painting techniques, egg tempera began to grow increasingly irrelevant.

Oil Painting & the course of its development
In their search for newer, brighter ways of displaying the theme (s) of their paintings, this led to the increasing use of oil with tempera, eventually leading to the complete expulsion of egg yolk. Although the painting segment continued to develop with respect to a vast and diverse set of...
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