History of Newspaper in the Philippines

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  • Published: August 26, 2013
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History of newspaper in the Philippines
Journalism started in the Philippines during the late 1800’s.  The emergence of several publications was intended to inform and awaken the people about the abuses and atrocities committed by the Spaniards and eventually by the Americans. It encourages the people to become aware of the social and political circumstances at that time.  * 1637 - SuccessosFelices (Fortunate Events) is the first Philippine newsletter was launched by Tomas Pinpin who is known as "The Father of Filipino Printing".1799 - HojasVolantes or "flying sheets" | Aviso Al Publico (Notices to the Public) * August 8, 1811 - Del Superior Govierno  was the first actual newspaper. It was launched by Gov. Fernandez del Forgueras. * December 1, 1846 - La Esperaza, the first daily newspaper edited by Felipe Lacorte and Evaristo Calderon. * 1847 - La Estrella * 1848 - Diario de Manila * 1852 - BoletinOficial de Filipinas * 1862 - El Catolico Filipino was considered the first Philippine Religious newspaper and was publish by Mariano Sevilla. * 1865 - El Porvenir Filipino * 1884 - El Eco de Vigan was the first provincial newspaper which was issued in Ilocos. * April 1, 1887 - La Opinion - According to historians was the first paper to defy the friars and campaigned for the ouster of the religious. | * February 15, 1889 - La Solidaridad was  published in Madrid Spain. It was financed by Dr. Pablo Riazares and edited by Graciano Lopez-Jaena. * January 18, 1896 - AngKalayaan was the official revolutionary newspaper of the KataastaasangKagalang-galangangKatipunanngmgaAnakng Bayan.  It illustrates the cruelties committed by the civil guards and Spanish friars against Filipino. The call for the Filipino people  to revolt against the Spain was evident in the articles contained in the newspaper. * June 20, 1898 -La Libertad was published and edited by Clemente Jose Zulueta.  He was an enterprising writer, disappointed bibliophile, and later official researcher in the archives of Paris, Madrid, and Mexico, * September 3, 1898 - La Independencia was founded by Gen. Antonio Luna and his brother Joaquin.  It was considered the most significant newspaper of the revolution. * September 15, 1898 - The Newspaper La Republica Filipina was published in Mandaluyong, Rizal.  It was edited by Pedro Paterno.  In 1901, Maj. Gen. Douglas MacArthur included in his annual report to the Secretary of War that both La Republica and La Independencia  are “official organ of insurgent government” * September 29, 1898 - Periodical El Heraldo de la Revolicion Filipina was  published in MalolosBulacan for the first time.  It was the official publication of the revolutionary government founded by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo on July 14, 1898. * December 18, 1898 -La Revolution  was focused on explaining that  “our claims are as great as our strength” and it aimed “to defend the rights that the Filipino have won.” It was published in Jaro, Iloilo. * March 24, 1899 - ColumnasVolantes was published in Lipa, Batngas.  It contained  articles about general politics and military movements.  It was published by young professionals, who belonged to the Club DemocraticoIndependiente. * November 18, 1899 - Both  newspapers, Filipinas Ante Europa and El Defensor de Filipinas, were published in BarcelonaSpain.  It was edited by Isabelo de los Reyes.Escote, AlixanderHaban. "A History of Journalism in the Phlippines." SOCYBERTY. 28August2008. 23 Sep 2008 <http://www.socyberty.com/History/A-History-of-Journalism-in-the-Philippines-Revolutionary-Period.232247>.| Newspapers in the Philippines were highly influenced by Americans when they entered Manila Bay in 1898, this is the year when United States won its war to Spain. Record shows that one of the early newspapers of the United States such as Bounding Billow was published on board by Dewey's Flag Ship, this an early attempt to "civilize" the Filipinos after the US-Spanish war....
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