History of Nestle

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Nestlé was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé and is today the world's biggest food and beverage company. Sales at the end of 2005 were CHF 91 bn, with a net profit of CHF 8 bn. Nestlé employ around 250,000 people from more than 70 countries and have factories or operations in almost every country in the world. The history of Nestlé began in Switzerland in 1867 when Henri Nestlé, the pharmacist, launched his product Farine Lactée Nestlé, a nutritious gruel for children. Henri used his surname, which means ’little nest’, in both the company name and the logotype. The nest, which symbolizes security, family and nourishment, still plays a central role in Nestlé’s profile. Since it began over 130 years ago, Nestlé’s success with product innovations and business acquisitions has turned it into the largest Food Company in the world. As the years have passed, the Nestlé family has grown to include chocolates, soups, coffee, cereals, frozen products, yoghurts, mineral water and other food products. Beginning in the 70s, Nestlé has continued to expand its product portfolio to include pet foods, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics too. Today, Nestlé markets a great number of products, all with one thing in common: the high quality for which Nestlé has become renowned throughout the world The Company's strategy is guided by several fundamental principles. Nestlé's existing products grow through innovation and renovation while maintaining a balance in geographic activities and product lines. Long-term potential is never sacrificed for short-term performance. The Company's priority is to bring the best and most relevant products to people, wherever they are, whatever their needs, throughout their lives. Here are the revolutions of Nestlé company :

Evolution of Nestlé: -
1867 Henri Nestlé founded the company in Vevey, Switzerland. 1898 Nestlé purchases its first factory outside of Switzerland - Viking Milk factory in Norway. 1905 Nestlé merges with Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. 1929 Nestlé merges with Peter-Cailler-Kohler Chocolates Suisses S.A. 1938 Nestlé launches Nescafé - the world’s first instant coffee. 1947 Nestlé merges with Alimentana S.A. with the brand Maggi. 1962 Nestlé purchases Findus.

1974 Nestlé becomes a significant shareholder in the Cosmetics Company L’Oréal. 1977 Nestlé purchases Alcon, manufacturer of eye care products and kits. 1985 Nestlé purchases the Food Company Carnation.

1988 Nestlé purchases the confectionary company Rowntree Mackintosh and the pasta company Buitoni-Perugina. 1992 Nestlé purchases the mineral water Company Perrier.
1998 Nestlé purchases Spillers pet foods business.
2000 Nestlé sells the Findus brand in all countries except for Switzerland. 2001 Nestlé merges with Ralston Purina, the premier petfood company in North America, and with unique expertise in the dry dog food area. Nestlé started its work as a multinational company in 1866. From that time they provided their best to their customers and the history of the Nestlé is given below: History of Nestle


Ice Creams

Yogurt and Butter

Fast Food Products

Fast Food Maggi
Chocolate, Coffee and Fresh Milk
Food Products for babies & Powder Milk

Vision of Nestlé:
Nestlé's vision of making good food central to enjoying a good healthy life for consumers everywhere. This implies gaining a deeper understanding in many areas of nutrition and food research and transforming the scientific advances into applications for the company. Having a broad vision the company is doing its best for their consumers to show the great sense of responsibility. Mission of Nestlé:

Nestlé’s aim is to meet the various needs of the consumer every day by marketing and selling food of a consistently high quality. "Our objectives are to deliver the very best quality in everything we do, from primary produce, choice of suppliers and transport, to recipes and packaging materials....
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