History of Jets vs. Patriots

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NY Jets vs. NE Patriots Rivalry
The rivalry between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots exists because of the volatile history amongst players, coaches and fans, past and present, and because of the extreme loyalty, and passion that the people associated with these two teams exhibit. New York City and Boston are approximately 3 1⁄2 hours apart by car. This Rivalry is likely the largest in the history of the National Football League (NFL). Throughout the history of these two teams their rivalry record is 53-52-1. The 53 stands for the Patriots win`s against the Jets. This shows that the games have been very close and the Patriots have one win over the Jets. The “1” stands for a “draw”. This means the game went into double over-time and stayed a tie. This is very rare to come across and it does not even happen yearly in the NFL. These teams continue to play great games and keep one of sport’s greatest rivalry`s going.

Many motives throughout the history of the NFL have helped make this rivalry exciting to watch, and helped to create some of the greatest games to ever go down in the NFL. Both of these teams are in the American Football Conference (AFC). Within this conference they are also in the same division, which is the (AFC East). The New York Jets were on top of the AFC and their rivalry against the Patriots in the early years of the NFL. New York was the first AFC team to win a Super Bowl title, dating all the way back to the 1968-1969 season. They played this game against the Indianapolis Colts, and goes down as one of the largest Super Bowl upsets in the history of the League. The whole world doubted them and the AFC was basically considered a joke during this time period. Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath, made a bold promise that the sports world has still not forgotten. This move was almost as bold and crazy as Babe Ruth calling his homerun in the World Series. He made a public promise to his team and sports fans that he would carry the Jets to win this Super Bowl. This seemed like a ridiculous promise seeing as the projections had New York losing this game by a whopping sixteen points! This Super Bowl upset was a larger upset then the 2008 game, when the New England Patriots got upset by the New York Giants. The Giants were fourteen point underdogs and came back to beat the undefeated Patriots in the most watched sports event. These two Super bowls will never be forgotten, and they go down as two of the greatest and most memorable upsets in Super bowl history! During the time period of the late sixties when the Jets were on the rise, New England was still attempting to find their franchises identity, repeatedly getting beat by star quarterback Joe Namath and the New York Jets. Within this time period, both teams began to create fan-based families. The rivalry basically began with the fans of the two teams. They began to hate each other. Anybody representing these two teams would be welcomed by each other, and instantaneously liked. They both agreed in the fact of having a mutual dislike for each other. Being a huge fan and a part of the huge fan community games are taken very seriously. You must have respect for the opposing team’s stadium when you are a fan at the opposing stadium. To these hard-core fans walking in to the stadium with his-respect is like, walking into their house, where their families live and showing disrespect. This is all how the rivalry began between the Patriots and Jets. The cities mutual hate and family like bonding has helped to create this great rivalry.

In this decade the New England Patriots have done remarkable things, achieving the ultimate goal of making it to the Super Bowl more than any other team in the National Football League. They have done this with star quarterback Tom Brady who was groomed and raised by arguably the greatest head coach in the history of football, Bill Belichick. Tom Brady and the Patriots have found there...
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