History of Jamaican Jerk Chicken

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Carnell Jackson

September 22, 2011


Mrs. Tricia Jeanfreau

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

A Taste of the Caribbean

When I received this writing assignment, and I saw I had the option on writing about any particular recipe; I immediately called up my Jamaican friend, Bob Marley, and my Mom who got married in Jamaica. My mom said: "Oh, I have a really great recipe from the Hotel's Executive Chef, where your Dad and I got married. But it's in the garage and I don't know what box it's in." Luckily, my friend Bob gave me his coveted family recipe. But first you probably want to know what Jerk means and there are a few different theories on that.

One is that, it evolved from the ancient Arawak Indians teaching the slaves called Maroons their cooking techniques; which consisted of smoking and drying their meat in the sun or over a slow fire. This was important because it meant the dried meat could be taken on long journeys and eaten without becoming spoiled. Another states, it evolved from the noun, “jerk”, to a verb, “jerking”, and referred to the cooking method where holes are poked into the meat so the spices can be absorbed. Basically, the influence of the Caribbean flavors and the combination of ancient Arawak Indian techniques, and the Maroons cooking style are the elements responsible for our modern day jerk chicken.

The recipe ingredients consists of: 7 Scotch Bonnet Peppers or Habaneros (with seeds), 2 Large Yellow Onion (roughly chopped), 1 Bunch of Green Onions (green and white parts), 1 Bulb of Garlic (roughly chopped), 1 Cup of 100% Orange Juice, 1 Cup of White Distilled Vinegar, ½ Cup of Olive Oil, ½ Cup of Soy Sauce, 2 Tablespoons of: Salt, Allspice, Thyme, White Sugar, 2 Teaspoons of Black Pepper, 1 Juice of a Lime

Step one: In a food processor, combine the yellow and green onions, peppers, garlic, allspice, salt, black pepper, thyme, sugar, vinegar and orange juice. With the...
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