History of Jahar Palace

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Muzium Adat Istiadat Royal this Kelantan was sitting on Lot No. 430, in section 7 Kota Bharu town. Muzium size of area is 1,822 sq metre. The location in inner city area and centered middle zone network culture make this Muzium building landmark and tourist attraction to Kelantan state Darulnaim. This building is beset by old buildings and historic. In left stand beautifully Istana Balai Besar built in year 1840 and is State Government centre of governance and administration Kelantan at that time. In his right also stand proudly MasJid Muhammadi which became Islamic religion symbol of greatness and sovereignty followed by state's population majority Kelantan. At back also found a old castle was be late residence Sultan Yahya Petra during titled Tengku Mahkota. This palace is built in year 1939 that is when Sultan rule Ismail (1920 1944), and known by name stone palace. Now this building is were created Muzium Royal. In front there is one area put relatively wide and completed vehicle. To reach to this Muzium of visitors city centre can use wheel trishaw services or with walk.The distance only kilometres.

Muzium Kelantan Royal Rites (Palace Jahar) this was constructed by skilled carpenters from all Kelantan state presided by Che Sulaiman from Kampung Sireh and aided by Nik Salleh from Kampung Atas Bangol joins Haj i Mohd Salleh (Dato' Kaya Service). His construction ceremony were made with full ceremonial. This is because Palace was the place reside and honourary symbol and divine right of kings who rules. Follow Arifin bin Abd. Rashid in his book "History Summary Kelantan": "In Raja-raja reign's tradition Malay, Palace for residential was the place, protection, receive guest, meeting and carrying out government also act as centre of Islamic studies and produce many literature products ". In year 1886 Sultan Muhammad 11 die but new Palace 's building still deep construction. King were substituted by inaugural king ' son namely Long...
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