History of Indo-Pak

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Indo Pak History


"Sultan Muhammad Tughluq was a victim of circumstances over which he had nominal control" Comment. (2000), (2007) “Sultan Muhammad-bin-Tughluq’s character was a mixture of two extremes, but he was a man of Ideas”. Discuss. (2002) Discuss good points and bad points ofSultan Muhammad bin Tughlaq. (2003) Critically analyse the causes of the downfall of Tughluq Dynasty (2008)

“Mahmood of Ghzna’s real aim was to establish a Turkish Empire and his Indian Campaigns were only means to this end”. Comment. (2002) Mahmud of Ghazna, it is generally believed had face to the west and back to the east and thus heeded less to the making of an empire in the sub-continent. Comment. (2005) Mahmud Ghaznavi’s invasions of India are controversial while some consider him a Mujahid others consider him an aggressor, which opinion do you support? Support your answer with strong arguments? (2009)

Bring out the leading features of the state system under the Sultans of Delhi. (2001) Note: The Judicial System of the Sultanate of Delhi (2002)
Note: Society and culture under the Sultanate. (2003)
Briefly relate the social and cultural effects of the contact of Islam with Hinduism under the Sultanate of Delhi.(2004) Describe the salient features of the Muslim rule in the subcontinent under the Sultans of the Delhi. (2006) Note: The Mongol policy of the sultans of Delhi (2006)

Note: Impact of Islam during Delhi Sultanate (2008)
Whom you consider as real founder of Delhi Sultanate? Discuss with judgment of the roles of Shahab-ud-Din Ghouri, Qutub-ud-Din Aibak and Iltutmis. (2010) Elaborate the importance of Delhi as the centre of Muslim cultural advancement and bride of all cities in orient and its devastation during the Muslim rule by the invaders. (2010) 'Illtutmish was the real founder of Sultanates of Delhi.' Build your own argument on the statement with relevant facts. (2011) Evaluate the role of Ulama and Umara in the development of Sultanate of Delhi. (2011)

Note: The Prerogatives of the Mughal Emperor. (2000)
Bring out the salient features of the judicial administration under the great Mughals. (2000) How far do you agree with the view that the moral decay of nobility and the foreign invasions during the 18th century accelerated the decline of the Mughal Empire (2002) Note: Agrarian system of the Mughals (2003)

Note: Mansabdari System of the Mughals. (2004)
"The administrative structure which goes under the name of "Mughal Administartion" was the culmination of experience gained during centuries of Muslim Rule". Discuss (2006) Sophistication in society and culture during the mughal rule reflected the glory of the empire. Enumerate and highlight the achievement during this period. (2008) Why the weak and incapable Mughal rulers were unable to rule India, discuss with reference to the role of nobility keeping in view their main factions and the leadership? (2010) None of Mughal succession since Akbar was without a stain of blood.” Discuss the statement with examples and arguments in each case. (2010)

"Taj Mahal marks the perfect moment in the evolution of architecture of the Mughal Period". Discuss and also mention the distinctive features of Mughal architecture. (2000) With the advent of the Mughal, there ushered in a new era of artistic and literary activities. Explain. (2001) Note: Mughal Architecture and painting (2002)

Discuss the main characteristics of the Mughal architecture and mention some of the Important Mughal buildings. (2004)
Describe the growth and expansion of the Hindi and Sanskrit literature in the subcontinent under the Muslim patronage. (2005) Give an account of the development of Mughal architecture with special reference to Mughal buildings in Pakistan. (2007)

Note: Muslim contribution to Cuisine (2005)
Note: Muslim contribution to dress...
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