History of Indian English Novel

Topics: British Empire, British Raj, Bengal Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: December 7, 2011
History of Indian Novels
History of novels was endowed with the rare impetus of Indian Freedom Movement, flourishing under its colossal umbrella.

It would perhaps be just not a mere overstatement if stated that - literature and history are very much intimately linked. Literature is known to represent history without any exaggeration or a biasness of the mind set-up. And history is no better portrayed in Indian literature than the novels that have been rendered life with much pain, love, affection and respect. The history of Indian novels is almost the personified flowering of Indian history itself, that can be elucidated as under.

History of Indian novels is grossly and sublimely based upon and interlinked with the definition and delineation of the Indian writers, be it in regional or the English language. The modern Indian writers writing in English, have been well-bred and mannered to richly represent the historical incidents and events in their works time and again. Now, it is difficult for a writer to escape the major historical events. Historical events and momentous happenings are one such domain, which have firstly been mirrored in literature, mostly through treatises, essays and of course, novels. As such, Indian novels and its history had begun to already happen since the pre-historic ages, when novel writing was still very much in its nascent, toddler state. The substantial rise of Indian writing in English and the novelistic tradition in the English language is a subject matter that had arrived much later, precisely just after the British Raj and consequent Indian Independence. Leaving out the rise of Hindu ruling dynasties during the ancient to late ancient period, the medieval period, to some extent had witnessed the development of novel and prose writing. However, a considerable historical period for Indian novels was ushered in, a kind of `renaissance` in a rather high-flying sense, with the birth of the Indian Independence movement...
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