History of Human Resource Management

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  • Published: November 21, 2010
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History of Human Resource Management

Overview of Human Resource Management
By definition, Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of organizations most valued assets; specifically the people working there whom individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of objectives of the business. Simply it is the process of employing people, developing their capacities, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirement. The goal of HRM is to maximize the production of an organization by using the employees to the best of their abilities and in return offer a better work life then other companies to retain them. Basically, treating the employees as the valuable resources they are. Workforce management has become increasingly complex. The heritage and growth of the human resource management profession is closely linked to people's attitudes about work, the evolution of employment-related laws and sociological trends. The HR field today recognizes the dynamic relationship between strategy, people, technology and the processes that drive organizations. Although this dynamic relationship appears obvious now, the evolution of the profession has often been slow. The HRM departments tend to focus on three general functions or activities. Those functions are planning, implementation, and evaluation. The planning function refers to the development of human resource policies and regulations. Human resource managers attempt to determine future HRM activities and plan for the implementation of HRM procedures to help companies realize their goals. The implementation aspect of HRM involves four primary activities: acquisition, development, compensation, and maintenance. Acquisition entails the hiring of workers most likely to help a company attain its goals. The development function is made up of the training of workers to perform their tasks in accordance with...
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