History of Horseshoes

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Informative Outline


1. Topic:
Horseshoe pitching’s history, how the sport has evolved, and playing horse shoes today.

2.Specific Purpose:
To inform the class of the history of the game of horseshoes, how the sport has evolved, and how to play a game of horseshoes today.

3.Thematic Statement:
Today I am going to inform you a little about the game of horseshoes. I will mainly be talking about the history, how the sport has evolved, and how to play a game of horseshoes today. ____________________________________________________________



1. Introduction

A. Attention Getter:
“…For the love of playing the game is all that we can say, we gave it a whole lot of fun and a little extra zest. If you’ve never tried it- it makes for a wonderful day…”
-Robert Zabniak(1)

I would like to inform all of you about the wonderful game of horseshoes and how it is such an enjoyable game to play with friends.

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7. Personal Pictures

C. Preview Purpose:
1. History
2. How the sport has evolved
3. How to play a backyard game

"The War was won by pitchers of horse hardware."
-England's Duke of Wellington(2)

2. Body

Main Point #1

Support a: Horseshoes have been dated back to the 2nd Century, where Roman soldiers would throw round metal objects, horseshoes, at a stake in the ground. The soldiers started playing this game to take up free time while the Roman officers would throw quoits, round discs with a strap laced through the middle of the disc.(2)

Support b: The English would later bring the game across seas into the Americas in the 16th Century. American soldiers then started playing horseshoes to pass time by.(2)

Support c: After the Revolutionary War the soldiers carried this game back to their homes with them which helped the game to become as popular and widespread as it is today.(3)

“We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing.”
-R. D. Lanig (4)

Main Point #2
Support a: Horseshoes was first played with a metal ring and thrown at a distance of 19 yards. Shortly after the sport began blacksmiths started to make a horseshoe with an open end. Real horseshoes where used until the 1900’s which is when the sport really started to undergo major changes.(2)

Support b: In, 1910 the first official tournament took place where the stakes were 2 inches above ground and 38 feet apart, and the points were 5 for a ringer, 3 for a leaner, and 1 for close shoe and the game played to 21 points. The next year the stake level was raised to 6 inches, and only the top most ringer was counted. Three years later the stake was raised to 8 inches and they established a weight limit on the stakes of 2lbs-2lbs 2oz. The next change came in 1919 where the throwing distance was lengthened to 40ft and the stakes leaned in 1 inch. The following year the stakes were raised to 10 inches and the leaner was taken out of the game, it just counted as one point.(5)

Support c: The last major change to horseshoes that is still in existence today was in 1950 the stake was raised to 14 inches, and the last major change was in 1982 where the 40 point system came in effect.(5)

“Breathes there a man with a soul so dead, who to himself has never said,...
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