History of Guidiance and Counselling in Nigeria

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What's the historical development of guidance and counselling in Nigeria? African nations are in a hurry to educate citizens in order to modernize and enhance their social, economic and political development. The concept of guidance and counseling, although relatively new in Africa has been embraced by most developing nations with enormous enthusiasm. This is because counseling is being regarded by most nations as an educational service through which efficient manpower for development can be attained. Counseling practice, however, does run into frequent clashes with African traditions and development goals typical of developing countries. In order to become fully acceptable at this initial stage, the guidance and counseling profession in Africa must tolerate some compromises and modifications from its original philosophy in the Western sense.

Several events led to the institutionalization of guidance and counselling in Nigerian school system. Most prominent was the efforts of a group of Catholic nuns at the St. Theresa's College, Oke-Ado, Ibadan. The Catholic nuns developed a career workshop for all the school's graduating students during the 1959 academic session, especially in the area of subject selection and job search. A major outcome of the workshop was the distribution of the much needed career information that enabled 54 out of the 60 graduating students to gain full employment upon their graduation.

The workshop on guidance and counselling held at the comprehensive high school, Aiyetoro in 1963 where Mr. R.O. Rees delivered a paper titled "The role of the guidance counsellor in a comprehensive high school" was also instrumental to the emergence of guidance and counselling in Nigeria. So, was the book written by Mr. C.I. Berepiki entitled, An approach to guidance in schools. This book inspired the Federal Government of Nigeria to develop a workshop on guidance and counselling in schools. Through these efforts, the Federal government was able to...
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