History of God

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  • Published : August 2, 2008
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One of the most influential beings of our time if not the most influential being of our time is God. God is known my several names including: Allah, Yahweh, The Holy Trinity, Jah, Maasai, Ishvara, Baquan, Kisaski, of course there are many other but these are the majority of names. “We find the idea of God equally in ancient Israelite folk religion, Christian theology, modern philosophy of religion, and in the recent debates about the “intelligent design” that the world supposedly manifests.” (Talkreason, 2007). In Western culture, the word God refers to one superlative holy being, the divine unity of definitive realism and of decisive righteousness. God is understood to have created the complete universe, to rule over it, and to bring it to its completion. The belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe, without rejection of revelation and belief in the existence of a god or gods is the definition of Theism and begins the history of God. In the Old Testament, God was called “YHWH, pronounced Yahweh by most scholars; the exact pronunciation of the name was lost because it was rarely enunciated” (God, 2007). Before Jesus the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks believed in many gods also people used to make sacrifices to God until Jesus came along. The sacrifices included burnt offerings and monetary but Jesus came along and He was the ultimate sacrifice; he was God in flesh but also God’s son. God went from being viewed a great deal like some feared law giver "obey me or else" to the Christian view of God is Love. The character of God has never changed but man’s view has. God has always loved us like crazy and if He did not this world would not exist. Throughout narration certain recurring questions have been answered in dissimilar theological and philosophical terms. Perhaps the most debated question has been whether God is to be known by reason, by faith, or by experience. Every clarification has had influential and persuasive...
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