History of Food Technology

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Australia before the arrival of many different migrants was a place abundant of flora and fauna. Simple produces of bush berries, fruits, and honey were available and the two common meats were beef and lamb. Today however, Australia is one of the world’s most multicultural countries.

Aside from Australia’s warm and dry climate and produce availability, Australia’s cuisine has been influenced by the tastes of the settlers to Australia. The British colonial period established a strong base in Anglo- Celtic style recipes and methods. In which included desserts, crumpets and bakes. During this time period English cuisine was standard in parts of Sydney, Tasmania and other colonies based around Australia.

Captain Arthur Phillip of England established the first modern settlement in Australia in January 1788. The settlers were not very experienced as farmers and early agricultural practices were disastrous. Crop failure caused food shortages and even starvation. Settlers depended on goods imported from England such as – tea, flour, beef, oatmeal and cheese to survive. They also learned to eat foods around them, such as fish and wild fruits and nuts.

People from all over the world have heavily influenced the Australian diet. The Potato Famine of the 1840s in Ireland led many desperate starving Irish people to leave their homeland, seeking relief in Australia (as well as Canada, the United States, and elsewhere). Gold was discovered in Australia a few years later, bringing more people to the country. Following World War II (1939–45), Europeans and Asians arrived in greater numbers. As a result, cuisines from other countries, such as Italy, Greece, and Lebanon, became popular. Europeans introduced tea, cocoa, coffee, fruits, and a variety of cheeses, and Asians introduced new spices and the technique of stir-fry.

The end of World War II brought about significant change in Australian cuisine. People from Europe and Asia brought new crops, seasonings, and...
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