History of Fashion

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  • Published : October 4, 2009
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The period between 1901-1910 is often called the Edwardian Era a. Sophisticates and the French also refer to this time as La Belle Epoque, or "Beautiful Age," as there was a definite leaning toward classical aesthetics. It was an era of beautiful clothes and the peak of luxury living for a select few. REVOLUTION THAT INFLUENCED FASHION.

In 1900 Tailored made suits were firmly established.
Photography reached a great popularity.
First Narrative Film “The Great Train Robbery” [1903] Wright Brothers were making aviation History.
Automobile Revolution.
Picasso Spanish Paints.

In 1900 tailored and tailor made suits were firmly established. Women entering more commercial workplace found it a useful all purpose outfit. Men objected to the tailor made female suit as they saw it representing a challenge to their authority. But Women seemed to be making a clear statement that they deserved and wanted more independence in the future. The tailor made was called a costume or a suit and made of wool or serge. Middle and upper class women wore them with shirtwaist blouses. Around 1908, the fashion houses of Paris began to show a new silhouette, with a thicker waist, flatter bust, and narrower hips. By the end of the decade the most fashionable skirts cleared the floor and approached the ankle. The overall silhouette narrowed and straightened, beginning a trend that continuedinto the years leading up to the Great War. STYLE GALLERY 1900-1910.

Charles Dana Gibson’s Cartoonist character “Gibson Girl” Her clothes were fashionable in both America and Britain and set a fashion for the narrow, gored skirt worn with an embroidered blouse or 'shirtwaist'. Another Gibson look was a shirt collar worn with a tie, a floppy artist bow, a tie neck cravat with stickpin bar brooch or a crosscut ruffled jabot. It is also said that King Edward had a penchant for mature, buxom women....
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