History of Failed Apple Products

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Case Analysis

“History of Failed Apple Products”

Ryan William Tomaselli

Tiffin University

MKT 523

Define Risk? Webster dictionary defines risk as the possibility of loss or injury. As I was reading through the case study it surprised me with the products that have failed with Apple. The case only highlights products such as: The 20th Anniversary Macintosh, the A/UX Operating system, Apple’s “Hockey Puck” USB mouse, and lastly the Mac Cube. These products were failures to Apple, but in reality these products opened the door for future products to hit the selves. These products were failures to Apple, but these products also helped Apple realize that apparently there are issues with developing products the consumers want. The case highlights only a few products that failed but with business there needs to be a level of risk involved to push new products. Businesses need to be able to take risks with those new products to see where the consumer stands. With no risk, there’s no reward.

As I reviewed the case there was one major concern I had with regards to the implementation of these products. Every business will have products that fail but to have four in just this articles shows me the lack of the getting to know the consumer. I feel as those Apple missed ball on the introduction of these products, with each product that was introduced into the world they failed, and then another type of that product was produced. Through trial and error more products were produced in the fashion of consumer needs. I do believe that Apple was ahead of its time and some of these products when they were introduced might have been to tech savvy for some consumers. That can scare customers away when something has too much technology. Now, with the failure of these products it opens the door for other products and those products were and are very successful. A great example of this is the no button mouse, Apple developed a mouse with no buttons and using touch...
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