History of Examinations

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  • Published : July 21, 2010
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History Of Examination The very word examinations bring shivers to all,right from children to adults, leading to trembling hands, parched lips,pounding heart and sleepless nights. It has formed an inseperable adjunct of our everyday life through ages. Even during ancient times Lord Ramji and his brothers also went to Vashisht muni ashram and had to undergo tests of all kinds very off and on.Kauravas and Pandavas also also took ‘Deeksha’ from Guru Dronchacharya and were put to severe tests irrespective of their noble lineage. In West, the earliest reference dates back to 1818, at Schrewsbury, London where the conducted consisted of two sets of marks for viva and written. Promotion to the next class –most amusingly was based not on academic records but on seniority in age (Nice! Is’nt it). Schrewsbury was also the pioneer in introducing first half yearly examinations. Printed exam. Papers however, appeared for the first time for the sixth form at Harrow in July 1830. Practice of conducting the first school certificate exam. By a board or university, to provide a recognized status for the pupils of middle class schools was instituted at Oxford in 1858. Mr.T.D. Acland, a former M.P. and an agricultural reformist, was the main instrument behind it. Although Acland’s plan did not work out for the target pupils due to lack of rapport between the college and the university but his plan to award certificate at two levels namely below 18years and under 15 years is still in practice. Exam. By an outside independent body was first introduced by Mr. Goodacre at Nottingham for the certificate of college of preceptors in 1850. To overcome sexual disparity, the system of exam. For girls came much later, after a gap of 33years in December 1851. Thirty five girls (of an unrecorded school) were the first ones to undergo the ordeal of exam.. Although the results were not satisfactory...
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