History of Ems

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History of EMS
EMSP 1338-Introduction to Advanced Practice
Central Texas College
December 5 2010

History of EMS

The history of emergency medicine dates back many centuries. As the years pass EMS not only progressed in prehospital care, but in the way patients are transported to the hospital in emergeny situations. Along with the progression of the transportation and prehospital care of patients, the EMS profession has come a long way in its regulations too.

The principles of triage were first established during the Civil War by Major Johnathan Letterman, who also established an efficient system for distributing medical supplies, and an ambulance corps. Following the war, veterans began establishing volunteer life saving squads based on what skills they saw and used in combat. In 1865 civilian ambulance services began in the U.S. Back then ambulances were horsedrawn carriages drivin by hospital interns. During the 1920's hearses, which were the most commonly used, were replaced by fire departments, rescue squads and private ambulances. By 1969 modern emergency helicopter transport began after a doctor in Maryland obtained a military helicoptor for the purpose of rapidly transporting critical patients to what is now known as Shock Trauma, in Baltimore, MD.

EMS was unregulated from before the Civil War Era to about the 1950s, when funeral homes began patient care and provided ambulances. http://wvde.state.wv.us/abe/Public%20Service%20Personnel/HistoryofEMS.html states that:

In 1960 John F. Kennedy declared that "Traffic accidents constitute one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest, of the nation's public health problems". Then in 1966 Lyndon B. Johnson and President's Commission on Highway Safety/National Academ of Sciences declares the carnage "the neglected disease of modern society." Soon after, the National Highway Traffic Safety Act was...
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