History of Dogs

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Rachel Bikshorn
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Breeding of Dogs Over Time

There are hundreds of breeds of dogs all over the world today. These dogs started off as wild animals that were domesticated for the benefit of humans. Purposes for breeding and domesticating dogs have changed since the beginning of the process. However, humankind has always taken advantage of what dogs can do for us. Dogs have been a large part of our lives from the very start. Some of their purposes have changed from more aggressive characteristics in hunting, to more passive behaviors to assist those in need. As humans have changed and evolved over time, so have our dogs.

Early dogs were used for hunting large animals. Cave paintings dating back ten thousand years ago portray dogs helping a hunter take down extremely large animals (Coren 120 picture 2). These dogs were usually tamed wolves that could be used for hunting and protection. These dogs had a pack mentality and were very protective of the other dogs and humans apart of their pack (Coren 120). Later, hunting dogs would still be use, but for different reasons and animals.

Later in society, more breeds of dogs were showing up, but for similar purposes. Breeds of dogs, such as pointers, spaniels, hounds, and terriers were used for hunting smaller animals. They would hunt for birds, foxes, ducks, deer, and rabbits (Coren 120 picture 9-13). Other breeds were used for service work to assist with jobs at home, transportation, or to help move objects. Many breeds of sheepdogs were used on farms to herd livestock. They were sought out for herding because they lacked a tail. This was “a desirable trait because of a tax structure that defined as taxable livestock anything born with a tail” (Coren 120 picture 14). Breeds such as the husky were and still are used in team to pull people and objects across snow-covered grounds. “The dog teams are organized much like a wolf pack, with a leader, or king whose movements coordinate the...
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