History of Dna

Topics: Cell, Francis Crick, DNA Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: May 6, 2011
This paper explains that Francis Crick and James Watson are the only names associated with the discovery of the DNA molecule; however, many scientists were involved. DNA sciences have led to a wide variety of advances in livestock development, forensic sciences. DNA is also being used in Law enforcement, paternity testing and limitless therapeutic medical uses.

How did the new knowledge of DNA challenge traditional beliefs?

DNA is a term that’s used in science as well as parts of daily life. People know that DNA is part of our body. The new knowledge of DNA challenges traditional beliefs in many ways. DNA has come along way in the past 50 years. Not only has it brought justice to cases left unsolved but has made a large impact in convicting criminals especially in rape and murder cases. Not only did they establish new knowledge about the universe, scientist also use DNA for cloning, establish paternity beyond reasonable doubt, to confirm the pedigrees of pets, dogs and cats, racehorses and livestock, also predicting and curing inherited diseases. Although are making breakthrough everyday, scientist are having difficult time locating the specific genes that causes diseases.

How might it have led to the realization of multiple truths through controversy?

The latest and most controversial DNA based research is stem cell science. The controversy surrounding stem cell research has both positive and negative consequences, making it an intense debate. The serious concern about the stem cell research is the human abortion that is needed to get proper material to study. The opposition to stem cell research is from religious beliefs. Another controversial research is cloning. Should cloning be allowed is the question. Most religions groups can argue that God did not intend cloning to be done. From creation to natural death Cloning is “playing God” man creating a duplicate of life from a life that already exist. Native Americans are opposed to such testing...
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