History of Country Music

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Velvet Stalnaker
UNV 104
January 7, 2012
Professor Salcido

History of Southern Music
Southern music is now called country music and is popular in many different places. It is for people from all walks of life. But, when we look at country music today and from years ago is it the same? , When did it become popular? and , How has the music changed over the years? Southern music known today as country music became popular in the 1920’s. This was music that was based on folk music of cowboys in the southeast (Collins English Dictionary, 2003). In most of the early music the artist played stringed instruments like fiddles, guitars, banjos and some were even playing harmonicas. When this type of music started some people called it “hillbilly music” (Tower, 2000). Country music is in my opinion soothing and tells a story. Immigrants came to this world over 300 years ago playing and listening to what they called old world music. Most of the people that were playing this music were playing banjos and guitars.

Southern music is still used today in churches all over the world it is called southern gospel. This type of music is used in funerals and also celebrations all over the world. Most people think this type of music is all about people crying about their lives. Many southern country songs tell stories about the singer. Southern music is used today in some schools and churches on a daily basis. Some government groups in the United States also use songs with southern background.

“The south is the cradle of American music.”3 This can be seen through many types of music. Southern music is used in movies. Southern influence help to make popular songs like “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Free bird”, and “Still in Saigon” favorites among many different types of people today.

Even though southern music is for hillbillies, southern music is very influential because southern music from the past is still used in lives today and southern music started many famous...
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