History of Communication

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History of Communication:
Communication is a way of expressing your feelings or transmission of information, messages to one another by conversation, visuals, signals, script or through activities. Communication can take place between two or more persons and in fact communication is not limited to humans and it takes place between animals and human beings. Communication is always critical to human society. Communication has been playing a key role in human society since the time of evolution of human beings on the planet earth. As the humans started to explore the world they needed a better medium to communicate over a long distance in a short period of time and which resulted in the rise of telecommunication. Telecommunication is nothing but communication using technology. In the early stages of telecommunication people used messengers over the foot or on horseback, using smoke signals to warn a city with the approaching riders. Reflective mirrors. Further advancements of communication resulted in inventing writing instruments, printing, type writing, photography, telephone, radio, television, motion picture, computer, internet, telegraph and telegraphy. Major advancements in telecommunication started with the first experiment of electric current causing magnetism in the year 1820 by Hans C. Oersted and with a very crucial discovery which changed the history of both electricity and telecommunications was by Micheal Faraday when he found that electric current can be induced on to a conductor by changing magnetic field and this aspect of Faraday on current induction provides the foundation of wireless telecommunication over distances without line of sight and it demonstrates how to generate electricity as an energy source to power such systems. This invention of Faraday helped in inventing of electric telegraph. And over a period of two centuries with a series of events and new inventions like telephone by Alexander G. Bell, wireless telegraphy First FM...
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