History of Civilization I: Code of Hammurabi vs Mosaic Law

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  • Published: October 14, 2012
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During the ages there have been people who have said The Bible is false and have tried to do everything to prove it. We have had people who tried to say that Adam an Eve never walked the Earth to Jesus Christ was not the Messiah so it wouldn’t be surprise that the Code of Hammurabi is an ancestor to the Mosaic laws. The civil laws in the Old Testament that were given by God to Moses known as the Mosaic Laws were not isolated. Many people debate the similarities between the Mosaic laws and other ancient codes of law such as the Code of Hammurabi. I agree with it as I agree with The Animal Planet article I read that we were once mermaids. The Mosaic Law is what God gave to the Israelites through Moses. The Mosaic Law begins with the Ten Commandments and includes the many law given in the first five books of the Old Testament. The Code of Hammurabi is one of the earliest sets of laws found, and one of the best preserved examples of this type of document from ancient Mesopotamia. It shows rules and punishments if those rules are defied. It focuses on theft, farming, property damage, women’s rights, marriage rights, children’s rights, slave rights, and murder, death, and injury. There no excuses here. A difference I see of Mosaic laws is that it seeks to establish morals and principles whereas the intent of the Code of Hammurabi seems to be to particularize laws already in existence to fit certain demanding situations in what’s happening in that time period (Comparing the Codex Hammurabi with the Mosaic Law n.d.) The Code of Hammurabi would be edited as the times went by, kind of like our laws. Example if attacking citizens for no reason became a problem than the ruler would add a punishment to the problem. The Mosaic Laws were given by God who knew all the problems that were going to happen so it was perfect and could be applied. Some of The Mosaic Law gave people a foundation to learn to live there lives congruously and to develop relationships with each other. A good example is found in Exodus 20:12 "Honour thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee." It is very inclusive and there is no specific consequence for breaking it, it just tells you what to do to live happily and please God. The Code of Hammurabi was to please the leader and not die. They do it because they have too not because it’s the fun. The Mosaic Laws are laws that have a legitimate reason why it’s a law and its Consequences match the severity to the crime. The Code of Hammurabi has Laws that are unreasonable and unjust. One example is if a Builders house collapses and kills owner of the house than the builder gets the Death Penalty. (Comparing the Code of Hammurabi with the Covenant Code n.d.)What if it’s a Earthquake hits and he house kills the owner and its family. Well even if the builder may have build the strongest house and best of all the Land, but he has no control of nature and The builder with his family will be executed due to the law. The Mosaic and the code regulate different types of society: Hammurabi's laws are adapted to the irrigation-culture and the highly commercialized urban society of Mesopotamia. The Mosaic injunctions, on the other hand, suit an agricultural, pastoral people of a dry land like Palestine, much less advanced in social and commercial development, but keenly conscious in all phases of their living of their divine calling. (Comparing the Code of Hammurabi with the Covenant Code n.d.) The final key difference is the author’s character reflected in each code of laws. In the Mosaic laws God is setting up civil laws for men to prosecute more than just obedience. The Code of Hammurabi is set up solely to accomplish obedience and order. God wanted his character to be evident in the Mosaic laws as to be seen by everyone. We were created in his image and we should reflect it. He wants them to live like Jesus did like he wanted them too. The people and us do it because...
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