History of Christianity Within the Roman Empire

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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History of Christianity Within the Roman Empire

Religion, one of the most important and controversial topics of all times, but where exactly did it come from? What obstacle did it have to go through to be come known? Who made it known? These are a few questions that are often asked but not always answered. There are many religions known today but in this paper I will focus on only one, Christianity. I will discuss the events, hardships and some of the important people that are valuable to make up this history of this now popular religion, in a very popular place, Rome. Like almost successful thing its starts out a little rocky but finally comes out of top. Christianity was like no other religion the Roman empire had ever seen before. It challenged all its values and morals in every way possible and because of that was not a positive thing to be. Rome looked at anyone in the religion as an enemy of Rome and was a criminal who should be put to death if pronounced themselves a Christian. It all started around the year 30C.E. with one man named Jesus Christ from Galilee. When he was around 30 he spoke about a kingdom in heaven and not on Earth, conservatives called him a false profit who undermined the Jewish religion, by calling himself the son of God. Jesus went to the land to spread his simple teachings that were based upon to love God and one another, to care for each other and help those in need. The Roman saw him as revolutionary and decided to keep a close watch over him, scared that he might would cause a problem due to his such large base of followers. It wasn't long until the Sadducees, who had control over Judea where Jesus did most of his teachings, could’t take much more. The fear of Jesus and his followers turning into a revolt against them, lead the Sadducees to turn to the Romans for help to get him out and take away the threat he may propose. They ask the Romans to arrest Jesus Christ and execute him because he was committing blasphemy,...
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